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For Effective Management Of Glaucoma, The Doctor May Recommend Usage Of Eye Drops That Contain Beta Blockers.

Glaucoma has been categorized into different types according to the causes and symptoms. Even slightly affected production or drainage of aqueous humour can lead to significant changes in the pressure. The aim of any laser surgery is to reduce the intra-ocular pressure of the fluids. Swelling in mouth, face, lips, or tongue Trazodone is well-known for its most pronounced sedating effect and one may feel that alertness is less than usual. Primary congenital type appears soon after birth and it has visible symptoms like cloudiness of cornea, tearing, and photo sensitivity. This process should be continued and repeated time and again, until the infection from the eye does not reduce and is completely combated. The data thus collected will help him to identify misplaced lenses, tumours, or damage to the optic nerves. For effective management of glaucoma, the doctor may recommend usage of eye drops that contain beta blockers. Ophthalmoscopy: This test is used to check whether the optic nerves are damaged.


In many cases, no eye pressure symptoms are observed until serious damage has occurred. A viral or bacterial infection can lead to pain behind the eye, which usually indicates inflammation of optic nerve. Don't you think it would be simpler to prevent OT in the first place, and make sure you 'see' life better? If you rub your eyes with your contact lenses on, you could develop abrasions or red spots.